For clients who have experienced breast cancer and mastectomies, we combine artistic know-how and cutting-edge medical tattooing techniques to create the illusion of a 3D nipple and areola; helping to complete the reconstruction and healing process.

The Comeback Corner can also help with treatments following breast reduction or breast lift surgery, pre and post gender reassignment or gynecomastia surgery.

Areola reconstruction and repair through medical tattooing is a well-researched and highly-specialized service. It is safe, effective and entirely tailored to your unique situation and preferences.


Mastectomy and breast reconstruction can leave scars, either on the newly reconstructed breasts or on areas where tissue has been removed for reconstruction. TRAM or DIEP flap surgery can leave stomach scars while Latissimus Dorsi surgery can leave scars on the back. The scars may be discoloured or sometimes tight and uncomfortable. Micro-Needling can improve these scars.


Scalp Micro-pigmentation {SMP or hair tattoo} is the process of implanting tiny dots of pigment into the scalp to give the appearance of hair follicles. It makes the appearance of the scalp less obvious through the hair and makes the hair appear to be thicker and denser.


Vitiligo Treatment is a ground-breaking treatment that infuses custom blended pigments into the skin to minimize the appearance of vitiligo. Suitable for vitiligo that’s been in remission for 2 years or more, this technique skillfully camouflages de-pigmented skin, so restoring a more even-toned appearance.


This is the ideal treatment following cleft lip and palate surgery. It’s designed to provide a more symmetrical shape to your lips or create a cupid’s bow after surgery and can also reduce the appearance of scarring from previous operations.