Areola Restoration

For clients who have experienced breast cancer and mastectomies, we combine artistic know-how and cutting-edge medical tattooing techniques to create the illusion of a 3D nipple and areola; helping to complete the reconstruction and healing process.

The Comeback Corner can also help with treatments following breast reduction or breast lift surgery, pre and post gender reassignment or gynecomastia surgery.

Areola reconstruction and repair through medical tattooing is a well-researched and highly-specialized service. It is safe, effective and entirely tailored to your unique situation and preferences.

Areola Restoration
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Breast reconstruction after mastectomy

We create the appearance of a natural looking areola and 3D nipple, to complete your breast reconstruction.

After breast reduction or breast lift surgery

Scarring can be a significant concern following breast surgery and we offer specific techniques for minimizing the appearance of breast scars. We can improve areola irregularities, restoring them to a more natural shape and proportion. 

Enlargement and defining of the areola

For both men and women whose areolas are too pale, disproportionate, too small or without definition, I can help you achieve a balanced shape, enhanced colour and improved natural definition. 

Pre and post gender reassignment surgery

This is an ideal treatment for gender reassignment, helping either to feminize the areola or by creating a new areola and nipple. You will have the look you were born to have.

Following gynecomastia surgery

Gynecomastia is overdevelopment of the male breast and can require surgical reduction resulting in scarring and areola repair. We can help camouflage the scarring and restore your areola.

What is a 3D nipple?

A 3D nipple is a realistic appearance of a protruding nipple, even on completely flat skin. It is highly recommended in the case of a unilateral mastectomy to achieve symmetry again.

How long will it take?

Areola and nipple tattooing typically takes 3 sessions and your appointments may take up to 2.5 hours. Camouflaging breast scars generally takes 2-4 sessions and about an hour to treat.

Can I have a consultation?

Yes! We’ll take you through exactly what you’d like the end result to be. This will include looking at areola shapes, sizes, placement and colourings. Next, we ‘pre-draw’ the areola and nipple complex using temporary markers and perfectly match the pigment shades to your skin. This is to ensure the correct style and colours are chosen and the end result is as natural as possible.

What will happen during treatment?

On the day of treatment we’ll skillfully implant the colour into your skin while carefully tracing over the pre-drawn template that you’ve chosen.

Will it hurt?

You’ve already been through a lot and we want you to be completely comfortable during the treatment. If you still have sensation following your surgery, we’ll make sure numbing agents are applied and we’ll continually check how you’re feeling. Clients typically describe the discomfort as no more than a 3 out of 10.

Is there any downtime?

No. Usually the area around your treatment may be somewhat red for 36 hours and we’ll apply a sterile dressing to wear under your clothes for up to 5 days.

Do you provide aftercare?

Yes! All areola treatments come with complimentary maintenance and aftercare products.