Cleft Lip Restoration

This is the ideal treatment following cleft lip and palate surgery. It’s designed to provide a more symmetrical shape to your lips or create a cupid’s bow after surgery and can also reduce the appearance of scarring from previous operations.

Cleft Lip Restoration
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Instead of drawing in your lip line each morning with lipstick and liner, you can achieve a lasting solution - a pleasing lip shape every day, with minimal effort on your part. For men this is an undetectable way to restore your lips and create a stubble effect if you need it.

By implanting into your lips a shade that's tailored to your natural lip colour, we’ll balance the shape of your mouth and cupid’s bow to give natural-looking definition to your lip profile. The scar that runs from your nose to lip can also be treated with micro-needling, a specialized technique that can soften tight scars helping to release tension and elevation in the area.

What happens during the consultation?

First we will work together to decide if Micro-needling will benefit you. Next we’ll look at your desired lip shape and colour and pre-draw your enhancement using conventional cosmetics. This ensures exactly the right colours and lip designs are chosen for you and the finished result is precisely what you want.

How long will the treatment take?

Your appointment will last between 1.5 and 2 hours.

What will happen during the treatment?

If digital-needling is required we will gently pass an electronic device over your scarring to help relieve tissue tension. Then we will infuse colour into your lips, carefully tracing over the pre-drawn template that you’ve chosen.

Will it hurt?

Clients often describe the sensation as ‘like having your eyebrows tweezed’. Numbing agents are applied before the treatment and we’ll constantly check on your comfort levels. 

Is there downtime?

Immediately after treatment the pigment will look like heavily applied cosmetics, which reduces in intensity over 4 days, revealing a natural result. You may appear to be different and you may want to take some time off work after your treatment.

Do you provide aftercare?

Yes! You will receive complimentary aftercare products with your treatment.